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Questions To Ask When Pinpointing A Foul Odor In A House

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Does complaints from guests about a foul odor in your house leave you in embarrassment when they come over to visit? If you don't understand where the odor is coming from because you keep your house clean, it might stem from a problem that is hidden. The plumbing system is possibly on the verge of backing up, which means some maintenance needs to be done. You will need the professionalism of a plumber to figure out what the problem is, and how it can be resolved. Browse the content below for a few questions that you should answer in an effort to resolve the foul odor problem in your house:

Is the Odor Stronger Near Plumbing Fixtures?

Pinpointing where the foul odor is coming from might be easier to do than you think. All you have to do is sniff around certain areas of the house to find out where the odor is the strongest. If the root of the problem stems from something being wrong with the plumbing system, the odor might be strong near fixtures. For example, your bathrooms might have strong odors due to pipes that are connected to the toilets being partially clogged with sewage. Strong odors might also be present near the kitchen sink, such as if the pipes beneath it are clogged with grease and food.

Does Waste Drain Slower than Usual Out of Toilets?

Flush all of the toilets in your house to find out if the draining process is unusually slow. If so, it is a good sign that your plumbing lines are excessively dirty. The problem might also stem from the main sewer line being clogged up if every toilet and other plumbing fixture in your house drains slowly. If the main sewer line is dirty, it is likely that the plumbing lines are filled with a substantial amount of waste that is close to backing up into your house. Backed up waste can come out of every plumbing fixture in your house and cause a big mess.

When Did You Last Get the Plumbing Lines Cleaned?

It is very important to ensure that the plumbing lines are not accumulating large amounts of waste. If you have never cleaned the lines or paid plumbers to do so, it is something that should be taken care of as soon as possible. The plumber will use equipment that can send any kind of debris out of the lines. After the system has been thoroughly cleaned, you will likely notice that the foul odor has left your house. However, you might need to air the house out by opening windows for the odor to leave in a speedy manner.