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Steps To Take When Moving Your Adult Child Into Your Basement

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In today's society and economy, it has become quite common for adult children to move back into their parent's house for a period of time. This can occur immediately after college when they are trying to decide whether to continue their education or try to find a career or can occur later in adulthood when hardships strike. Whatever the case may be, if your adult child is going to be moving into your basement for a while, there are steps you may want to take to get your home ready. Get to know some of these steps so you can make the transition easier for your child and yourself:

Consider Installing a Small, Private Bathroom

Many basements or lower levels in homes do not have bathrooms on that level. This could be an issue if your adult child is moving into that area of your house. It can be inconvenient and downright awkward at times to have to share a bathroom with your adult child and could cause unnecessary tensions between family members. 

When your adult child is moving into your lower level, you may want to contact a plumber about installing a basic private bathroom in your basement. This bathroom does not need to be fancy nor does it need to be particularly spacious. A small seamless corner shower, toilet, and sink are all your child will need. Then, they will have a bathroom to use on their level of the house, making it feel more like their own apartment or private space, and you will be able to maintain your privacy as well. 

Think About Putting in a Kitchenette

If your downstairs area is rather spacious or you simply want to allow your child to have as much of their autonomy as you can, you may also want to consider putting in a small kitchenette in the downstairs area for them. A kitchenette is a miniature kitchen that is not necessarily equipped with all of the major appliances found in a standard kitchen. 

For example, in your basement, you could have a plumber put in a small kitchen sink, and a contractor put in a counter for a microwave and possibly a hot plate, a small cupboard area, and a mini refrigerator, and this could be all you need for a kitchenette. For your basement. Your child will be able to keep some of their own food downstairs with them and can even cook without having to leave their space. Taking such a step would transform your basement into a small apartment for your adult child.

These steps can help you to make the transition of moving your adult child into your basement easier for you and your child to handle. Contact a company like Walt's Plumbing for more information and assistance.