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How To Remove An Old Furnace From Your New Home

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When you move into a new home, there is a good chance that you will need to have your heating furnace replaced with a new furnace. The current furnace might be old and you may need a new furnace installed instead. Also, the old furnace might have been installed by someone who wasn't concerned about energy-efficiency. Knowing how to replace your furnace is a useful skill.

Safety First

Make sure to cut power to the area where the furnace is located. If you will be removing a gas furnace, make sure that the gas line is shut off first. Because some burners contain asbestos, always wear a mask if you are not certain whether the burner contains asbestos.

Detaching The Furnace

Furnaces are essentially boxes that produce heat and are connected to tubes. To remove the furnace, you must disconnect it from these tubes so that it can be completely removed. You will need wrenches, screwdrivers, and possibly a sledgehammer. To disconnect the furnace, a large number of bolts will likely need to be removed. The furnace should be kept intact if you are concerned that the vents will collapse otherwise. However, if this is not a concern, disassembling the furnace partially will make it easier to remove each individual part.

Removing The Furnace

Removing the furnace can be challenging because some furnaces can be very heavy. For this reason, it is essential that you have someone assist you with removing any portion of the furnace. This can be difficult without the use of a heavy-duty dolly that will support the weight of the furnace.

Removing The Roof Vent

If you have an old furnace roof vent, you may need to remove this as well. Use an extension ladder to access the roof. Fasteners attach the rain cap to the vent pipe and should be removed. The cap should be twisted and lifted off the end of the pipe. Then, the panel needs to be lifted out. The metal straps that hold in place the upper and lower portions of the vent pipe must be removed. The screws and nails at the end of the straps must be removed. Lift and twist the upper section of the vent pipe. Then the clamp that secures the lower end to the furnace must be removed and the lower end can be detached.

After you have removed your old furnace, you will need a new one. This is best accomplished by hiring heating contractors. If you want to avoid removing the old furnace, you can hire them to remove your old one as well.