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3 Benefits Provided By A Tankless Water Heater

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Tankless water heaters are a fine addition for any homeowner to consider because it can do quite a bit toward making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits provided by a tankless water heater:

Your Hot Water Will Last Much Longer

The chief reason that so many people have chosen to go with this type of water heater option is that it will make the hot water in their homes last much longer. This is because these water heaters do not have to heat up a lot of water before you are able to take a hot shower or bath. The hot water provided by one of these water heaters is provided when a hot water faucet gets turned on somewhere in the house.

When the hot water faucet is turned on, the water heater will immediately start heating water for that faucet. In many cases, these units can accommodate multiple hot water faucets at once, which means that the odds of you or someone in your family having to take a cold shower due to a lack of hot water will be much lower.

Your Placement Options Will Greatly Increase

This model of water heater is also a good option because it can provide you with the benefit of being able to place your unit in a wider variety of areas. Normal water heaters are often stored in the basement or in their own utility closet due to the large size of the unit and the accompanying water tank. However, tankless units take up a tiny fraction of the space that a traditional water heater does, which means that they can often be mounted on the wall in a relatively small closet or even in the bathroom that they are serving.

Your Energy Use Will Go Down

Finally, a major benefit provided by this type of water heater is that your energy use will go down, which means that your utility bills will also go down. This is because the tankless water heater does not have to spend a lot of energy keeping a massive tank of water hot all day. The only time this type of water heater uses energy is when there is an actual demand for hot water.

Speak with local plumbing services today to discuss how much it would cost to convert your home to a tankless system and to determine exactly what model would be the best fit for your home. Some of the benefits provided by a tankless water heater include the fact that your hot water will last much longer, your placement options will greatly increase, and your energy use will go down.