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An Informative Guide For Maintaining Water Wells

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If you live out in the country, chances are you have a water well. You rely on this well each day for fresh water. You can keep it working property for years if you follow this care guide. 

Preventative Maintenance 

Your water well will stay in good condition as long as you utilize preventative maintenance. First and foremost, keep any hazardous chemicals away from the well area. Such chemicals include pesticides, paint, weed killer, and fertilizer. Remind yourself where the well area is by constructing some type of barrier. 

It's also important to prevent these chemicals from entering the well when it starts to rain. You can do so by sloping the ground around your property correctly. Make sure the slope is high enough to where heavy rains don't transfer chemicals into the well, for proper drainage. 

If there are waste systems or storage facilities containing chemicals and toxins, make sure they're not in the same vicinity as the well. 

Water Testing

As a precaution, you should always test the water inside the well regularly. Annual testing is generally recommended to see if bacteria, nitrites, and nitrates are present. These substances could do serious harm to your family. Testing should also be done any time the water changes color or has a foul odor to it. 

You can test this water yourself or have a professional company do it. Just make sure the well system is clean before testing it yourself. A dirty system could lead to false positives, ultimately putting your family in jeopardy of drinking dirty, contaminated water. Typically, dirty well systems produce cloudy water and have water-flow problems. 

Well Pump Repair

Getting water out of the well is made possible by the pump. As such, it always needs to be in working order. If no water comes from your faucets when turned on or the water pressure is poor, chances are your well pump needs an inspection.

A licensed plumber can execute this inspection quickly and provide repair solutions. It may be as easy as removing clogs from some of the pipes, or some equipment may need to be replaced entirely. They'll provide repair estimates beforehand to give you a better idea of the costs.

Water wells are true lifesavers when they work. Make sure they stay working and in good condition by addressing any issues as quickly as possible. Professional plumbers are standing by if you need assistance.