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Water Pressure Problems? What You Can Do About It

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One plumbing problem that may be bothering you is an issue with poor water pressure. The water may not be coming out fast enough like it once did, which has turned into an annoyance that you want to be fixed. Here are a few quick fixes to solving water pressure problems within your home.


The one place where you may really notice water pressure problems is in your kitchen. It may take what feels like forever to fill a large pot with water, which makes boiling pasta for dinner an annoyance instead of a simple task. You may not realize that the poor water pressure is due to the aerator on the sink.

If you've never cleaned the aerator on your faucet, it may have collected with a lot of sediment from years of water going through it. This will only limit how much water can flow through the faucet, giving you that water pressure problem.

Aerators are relatively cheap to toss and replace, but you may want to clean it to save you the hassle of a trip to the store. Soak the aerator in baking soda to loosen all of the sediment, and then scrub it clean. Repeat this process on all the aerators in your house to restore some water pressure to your faucets.


One way to tell if the problem is with your shower plumbing or the shower head is to turn on the water going to the main faucet. Does the water flow quickly? If so, then the issue is with the shower head.

The small holes in the shower head most likely have trapped water deposits inside of it that are preventing the flow of water. You can fix this problem by soaking the shower head in white vinegar. Let the vinegar work its way into all of the holes in the showerhead, then reattach it, and turn the water on to flush the white vinegar out of the holes. That should hopefully restore some water pressure to your shower.


The problem with a slow filling toilet could be due to a broken fill valve. Thankfully, it's a cheap part that you can replace on your own. Follow the simple instructions to replace the part, and your toilet will be filling up like normal once again.

These are just a few places in your home that could be suffering from poor water pressure. If water pressure problems are affecting your entire home, contact a plumber for help with water pressure repair