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Installing Your New Propane Water Heater

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Having access to heated water is essential when it comes to performing daily maintenance tasks within the home. Without hot water, it would be challenging to disinfect dishes, clean laundry, or take a comfortable shower. Adding a new propane hot water heater to service your property can be a simple way to restore your home's hot water access in the future.

Here are three tips that you can use to make the installation process go smoothly as you add a propane hot water heater to your property in the future.

1. Find out if you need a permit.

If you are switching from another type of hot water heater to a propane-powered model, you may need to obtain authorization from your local government before beginning the installation process.

Contact your local permitting office and ask if you need to acquire a permit for your new hot water heater. Be sure to specify whether or not you are adding a new propane tank to your property, as this can help determine which type of permit will be required to legalize the installation of your new hot water heater in the future.

2. Turn off your fuel source prior to installation.

Whenever you are repairing or replacing a propane-powered hot water heater, you need to ensure that you turn off the propane prior to beginning your work. Eliminating the fuel source during installation will help to prevent dangerous pockets of highly flammable propane.

You will not be exposed to the fumes while you are working, and you will help to ensure your safety by turning off the main valve regulating the flow of propane into your home while replacing your hot water heater.

3. Work with a reputable plumber.

Since the installation of a propane water heater can be a complex process, it's best that you leave the actual installation to a professional. Work with a reputable plumber who has experience installing propane fixtures.

The plumber will know how to safely handle your home's propane in order to prevent a potential fire or explosion, and the plumber will be able to ensure that your installed water heater meets municipal plumbing codes so that your home will pass any inspection in the future.

Knowing some steps that you can take to streamline the installation process will help you ensure that you can safely install a new propane water heater on your property in the future. Contact a company, like All American Plumbing & Heating, for more help.