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The Pros And Cons Of Using PVC Pipes Over ABS Pipes

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If your pipes are old or have started to crack or break, you may be looking to replace the pipes in your home. Many plumbers lean toward installing plastic pipes rather than metal ones. Metal ones are more expensive, and there are many more risks, such as rust and corrosion  associated with the pipes. But not all plastic pipes are the same. Two major types are used for home plumbing purposes. There is PVC, or poly vinyl chloride pipes or ABS and or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene pipes. Each type of pipe offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Learning about this may help you decide which to go with. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons associated with PVC pipes for your home's plumbing needs:

The Cons of Using PVC Pipe Over ABS Pipes

  • ABS Pipes Are Stronger

One of the benefits of ABS pipes compared to PVC pipes is that ABS pipes are stronger and more durable. This is important if you live in a cold weather environment. These types of pipes can withstand freezing temperatures without snapping or cracking better than PVC pipes can. 

  • ABS Pipes Are Faster to Install

The other disadvantage to PVC pipes have compared to ABS Pipes is the installation time. ABS pipes are faster to install because they can adhere together in one step with a cement compound. PVC pipes must be primed before the cement can be applied, which adds another step and increases the amount of time the installation process takes. 

The Pros of Using PVC Pipe Over ABS Pipes

  • PVC is More Flexible

One of the major benefits that PVC has over ABS pipes is its flexibility. PVC has some give, making it easier for a plumber to install in tight spaces or around curves and corners. 

  • PVC Hides the Sound of Water Better

The other benefit that PVC pipes have over ABS pipes is that PVC hides the sound of water better than ABS. No one wants to hear the sound of water running through their home. PVC pipes help to ensure that you do not hear this noise when the water is run. 

When you need to have your home re-piped, and you want to use plastic pipes, talk to a kitchen plumber about which option is best for you. They can help you determine which is better based on the weather conditions where you live, the size of your home and your specific plumbing needs.