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4 Tips for Keeping Pet Hair out of Your Drains

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You love your pets, but you don't love the hair they leave behind. Just like human hair, animal hair can easily contribute to hard-to-remove clogs in your drains and pipes. You should avoid bathing your pets in sinks or bathtubs, but that's not always possible. When you do need to use your sink or bathtub, you'll want to learn how you can minimize or even eliminate the pet hair that ends up in your drain.

Brush Before Washing

Before you give Fido a good washing, you should give him a good brushing. Brushing your pet's hair on a regular basis not only minimizes the amount of hair shed throughout your home, it also promotes a healthy, shiny coat. A pre-bath brushing also removes caked-on mud and dirt, which helps minimize debris inside of your drain.

Keep Your Drains Covered

Prior to your pet's bath, place a hair strainer inside the drain inlet. Hair strainers capture pet and human hair as it's washed down the drain, preventing any major blockages farther down the line.

If you don't have a hair strainer, you can use a natural baby wipe as an impromptu filter. Simply lay it over the drain and place the tub stopper over it. When you're done bathing your pet, pull the plug and let the water drain through the wipe. The hair will gather towards the center of the wipe instead of inside the drain.

Watch Out for Stray Hairs

A couple stray hairs may not seem like much, but they can add up over time. If you happen to see a stray strand of pet hair, make sure it goes in the garbage and not down the drain. If necessary, use paper towels to wipe away any hairs that get stuck on the side of the sink or tub.

You should also keep any combs, brushes, or other hair care items well away from your drains until they've been thoroughly cleaned of pet hair.

Flush for a Full Minute after Washing

Chances are you won't keep every single strand of pet hair out of your drain. With this in mind, your best bet for preventing troublesome clogs is to run the faucet for an extra minute after you've finished washing your pet. This gives stray pet hairs and other debris ample time to be completely flushed through the pipes.

It doesn't hurt to treat your drains on a monthly basis using baking soda and white vinegar. The dynamic duo eats through hair and most other drain obstructions, helping to keep your drains clear of pet hair and other items that could lead to drain clogs.

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