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Why Your Location May Be Unsuitable For Septic System Installation

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Septic systems have their advantages, but there are areas where they cannot be constructed. If you are planning to install a septic waste system, a septic company has to evaluate your home and confirm that the conditions are right for the construction. Here are some of the factors that may make your home unsuitable for a septic system:

Bad Soil Conditions

Not every type of soil can handle a septic system and its associated wastes. This is because the soil should be able to absorb liquid wastes coming out of the tank at a reasonable rate without letting it pool on top. Therefore, if the target site has soils with low percolation rates, which is a fancy way of saying it doesn't absorb water at a good rate, then it's a bad site for a septic system. The reverse, where the soils absorb the water too fast, is also bad because the liquid needs time to drop its collection of dangerous wastes as it seeps slowly down the soil.

Ground Water Issues

The presence of too much water in the soil may also spell doom for your septic installation plans. This is because the soil will not be able to absorb liquids coming out of the tank if it is already saturated with water; there is a limit as to how much water each soil volume can hold. If the water is coming from a surface runoff, then it should be diverted before the construction of the septic system commences. If the problem is underground water, then there is nothing you can do about it.

Rocky Ground Conditions

As hinted above, a septic system works when liquid wastes are separated from solid wastes in the tank and the liquid wastes are disposed of in the septic drain field. This cannot happen if the area around the septic drain field is rocky. If the bedrock is thick and the topsoil is too thin to handle the waste, then a septic system installed in the area will just lead to surface runoff or pooling of liquid wastes.

Inadequate Space

Lastly, you may also be advised against installing a septic system if the construction area is small. You need space to construct a septic drain field, which should be of a specific size (depending on the capacity of the needed septic system) and a specific distance from the house.

Therefore, don't make septic installation plans without a site evaluation. Hopefully, your site will prove suitable for the septic system. Even if it doesn't, the professionals can always come up with an alternative waste disposal system for your property.

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