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Simple Ways To Prevent Plumbing Problems When You Have Indoor Pets

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If you love animals or if you have kids that do, then you'll probably have a variety of pets in your home over the years. Sometimes, pets are a hazard to your plumbing, and other times, plumbing can be a danger to your pets. Here are some ways to prevent plumbing problems when you have pets in the house.

Avoid Toilet Clogs

If you use paper towels or wet wipes to clean your pet or to pick their accidents off the floor, don't toss the wipes in the toilet. Even wet wipes that say they're flushable can cause clogs and create havoc with a septic system. If you need to clean pet messes and flush them down the toilet, use toilet paper. Otherwise, toss the paper towels and wet wipes in the trash. Another thing you should probably avoid is flushing kitty litter down the toilet. This habit might cause clogging too, even with brands that are supposed to be flushable.

Prevent Hair Clogs

Hair clogs are a constant threat to your shower or tub drain. When you wash your pets in the, it adds to the amount of hair that can potentially clog. Prevent problems by using a screen that blocks hairs from going down the drain. You can have one installed permanently, or just use a temporary one every time you give your dog a bath. Also, be sure to pull hair mats out of brushes and combs before you wash them rather than letting the water rinse dog or cat hairs down the drain.

Prevent Harm To Your Pets

If you have a small pet, such as a ferret, that's allowed to run around the house, be sure to close drains so the animal won't be tempted to crawl inside. Keep the stoppers in the drains or add a screen of some sort so your pet rat or ferret can't get inside and get stuck. Be sure to keep the toilets closed as well. You don't want a small pet to climb in and drown, and you don't want your dog or cat to drink from the toilet and be exposed to germs or cleaning chemicals.

If your drains develop hair clogs, you may be able to fish the clogs out and solve the problem. However, clogs in the toilet drain caused by kitty litter or paper towels might be so bad that you'll need a plumber to come out and clear the lines. By practicing clog prevention, you can avoid emergency plumbing services and the inconvenience caused by a toilet that's backed up.