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Tips For Identifying A Slab Leak Under Your Home

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A slab leak is a type of leak that occurs when a pipe under your home's foundation cracks or bursts. Since the leak is located underneath your home, it won't display the same signs that a broken pipe under a sink or behind drywall does. However, it is important to identify slab leaks and have them repaired by an experienced plumber as promptly as possible to help prevent issues with your foundation. As a homeowner, it is always a good idea to know the signs of a slab leak. Some of the most common signs of a residential slab leak include the following:

Unusually High Water Bills

Most households tend to use a similar amount of water month after month, so water bills typically do not fluctuate a lot. Thus, a water bill that is much higher than what you normally pay can be a red flag indicating that there is a slab leak under your home. If you receive a very large water bill despite not increasing water usage, it is in your best interest to hire a plumber for leak detection services to see if you have a slab leak that needs to be repaired.

Issues with Flooring

A slab leak starts under the foundation, but as more and more water fills the area, the water level will rise. Eventually, the water will force its way up through your subfloor, which can cause issues with your flooring. If you have carpeting in your home, you may discover areas that are damp or even wet. In homes with wood floors, the wood may begin to warp due to exposure to excess moisture. Don't ignore these issues—the sooner you have a slab leak located and repaired, the less damage the leak will cause.

Poor Water Pressure

When a plumbing system is in good repair, it is a closed system that continuously maintains pressure. When a pipe cracks or develops a large leak, the internal pressure is interrupted and the water pressure throughout the home can drop drastically. Several different plumbing issues besides a slab leak can cause a drop in water pressure, but unexplained water pressure changes are a cause for concern. If you experience a drop in water pressure, first contact your municipal water supplier to see if there is a problem on their end. In the event that the drop in water pressure isn't being caused by a problem with the municipal water supplier, call a plumber to inspect your plumbing system and to see if you have a slab leak. 

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