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Pumping Silt? 4 Problems That Could Be Plaguing Your Well

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If you have a well and you've discovered silt in your water, the problem could be associated with the age of your well. If you have a new well, you could be pumping up silt that's left behind from the installation. However, there are other reasons why your well could be pumping silt into your home. Here are four possible causes of your water problems:

You've Got the Wrong Size Pump

If you had the wrong size pump installed with your well, it could be the cause of the silt. Where your well is concerned, the size of the well pump plays an important role in water production. If the pump is too powerful for your well, it could pull up silt and dirt along with the water. Unfortunately, that extra power means that you'll be getting more dirt and silt than you bargained for each time you turn on your faucets. If silt continues to be a problem, have your pump inspected for size issues. 

Your Pump Isn't Installed Properly

If you've determined that you have the right size pump for your well but you're still dealing with silt, the problem could rest in the installation. If your pump isn't installed properly, it could cause you to experience silt deposits in your water. This is particularly true if your pump was installed near the bottom layer of the well. When pumps are installed at the base of the well, they can fill with sand and silt. Unfortunately, that means the water that's pumped through will be contaminated with silt deposits. If your water continues to be contaminated with silt, have your pump inspected for installation problems. It may need to moved to a higher location in the well. 

Your Well Screen Needs Replacing

If size and location aren't the cause of your silt, your well screen may need to be replaced.  Your well has a screen that prevents dirt and silt from filtering up through the pump. Over time, the screen can become coated in sediment. Once that happens, it can no longer keep sediment out of your water. If your well is several years old and sediment has become a problem, have your screen inspected. It may need to be replaced. 

Your Bedrock has Been Compromised

Finally, if your water is filled with silt but your pump and screen aren't the culprits, it's time to look at the well itself. Silt in the water could be a sign that your well walls are damaged or the bedrock has been compromised. If either of those issues are the cause of the silt, you'll need to start preparing for a new well.