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Minor Plumbing Issues That Can Turn Into Major Problems During Winter Storms And Ice Cold Temperatures

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You may currently have a minor problem with a slow drain, a pipe that sweats, or extremely cold water that comes out of faucets when temperatures drop. These problems can turn into serious issues during winter weather, which is why these issues need to be addressed to avoid serious plumbing repair emergencies. The following minor plumbing problems are some of the main causes of winter plumbing damage that can cause serious damage to your home:

Slow Drain Lines That Can Freeze and Damage Plumbing When Temperatures Dip Below Freezing

Slow drains are a minor problem that every home has to deal with at some point. Sometimes, the slow drains are a minor issue that you do not think about because they may be in an area where you use the plumbing less often. The problem is that as temperatures drop, the blockage in pipes can cause slow-draining wastewaters to freeze; leading to the lines becoming completely clogged and, in some cases, causing serious damage to the pipes.

Problems with Uninsulated Water Lines That Can Cause Serious Damage Due to Temperatures Dropping or Drastically Changing

One of the problems with plumbing that you hear the most about during the winter months is a burst pipe. This is often due to the lack of insulation on water lines that are exposed to cold air, which causes them to freeze and crack or burst. In addition, lack of insulation and the water lines being exposed to cold air can also cause pipes to sweat during different times of the year and weather conditions, which can also lead to serious water damage in your home if you do not address these issues and insulate the exposed pipes.

Leaking Pipe Fittings of Household Plumbing and Mechanical Systems That Get Worse When Temperatures Drop

If there are small leaks of any plumbing fittings in your home, the leaks will get worse. This is due to the cold temperatures causing expansion as temperatures drop and contraction of the materials when temperatures get warmer. The repeated process of expansion and contraction can be worse with ice or extremely cold water, which causes the leaks to get worse. Repair these minor leaks before they grow and cause damage to your home during a winter storm when it may be difficult to get help with the repair.

Meters at Water Mains That Are Exposed to Cold Air and Can Freeze Up or Be Damaged as The Temperatures Drop

If you get up in the morning to turn on the water and there is only a trickle coming from the faucet and pipes are rumbling, this is probably a problem with the water main. Often, water meters at the main are close to the surface and lack protection from the cold air; making them vulnerable to freezing temperatures. To fix this problem, the main will need to be thawed with a torch to get the water flowing again by melting the ice. The frozen water and thawing the main can also cause damage, which can be avoided by insulating the water meter to prevent it from freezing during winter weather.

These are some of the minor plumbing problems that can turn into serious issues that cause a lot of damage to your home during winter weather. If you have a problem that needs to be repaired before the next winter storm brings another blast of colder air, contact a plumbing service for help with the maintenance and repairs that need to be done to protect your pipes from winter weather.