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3 Ways To Keep Your Floors Warm In Winter

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Even if you have the best, most efficient heating system, you may continue to experience cold floors throughout your home in the winter. There are ways you can can make the floors more comfortable during the winter.

Update The Insulation

You may notice certain floors in your home are cold, especially those on the bottom floor. This may be a sign you need new or better insulation under these floors. Traditional fiberglass insulation can disintegrate over time and leave your basement or crawlspace without protection against changes in temperature. Foam insulation may be the best option and one that causes minimal destruction to your existing floor. Contractors can pull up the current floor or drill small holes so the foam insulation can be inserted.

Consider A Different Material

Your options for flooring will depend on the problem area. In most areas, adding carpet or an area rug will help insulate the floor and keep it from feeling cold. Unfortunately, these options do not work well for kitchens and bathrooms, where most people notice the cold floor problem. Vinyl is the preferred option for kitchens and bathrooms not only because it does not retain cold as much as other materials, but you can find vinyl to look like almost any other material. For example, you might enjoy the look of hardwood floors, but they can be expensive and are not ideal for bathrooms. Instead of hardwood, simply install vinyl with the look of hardwood. Vinyl is also water-resistant, so it works perfectly in bathrooms.

Install Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is one of the best additions to your home because it allows you to have any number of different flooring and your heating system will be more efficient. Many people prefer the look of stone or tile in their bathroom, which can be some of the coldest flooring materials during the winter. Even these materials can be used with radiant floor heating underneath, so your bathroom floors will remain comfortable. Another benefit to radiant floor heating, especially when installed throughout your home, is it is more efficient than other ways you could heat your home. Since the heat penetrates from the ground up, you are heating the areas closest to you and you are less likely to notice cold spots in different rooms.

Cold floors are not only uncomfortable, but they can force your heating system to work harder. Using multiple strategies to keep the floors warm can provide comfort, while making your home more efficient.

For more information, contact a company with radiant floor heating installation services.