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How To Ensure That Your Heating System Is Ready For The Winter

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As the winter months approach, you'll need to be certain that all of the heating and plumbing components in your home are operating at optimal levels. Making sure that your heating and plumbing systems receive regular tune-ups will help you and your family find comfort during the upcoming cold weather. To prevent any heating issues or emergencies, here are some things to remember when you are preparing to stay warm.

1) Check your furnace.

It's likely that your heater hasn't run in several months, so it is paramount that you take steps to guarantee that everything is ready to go with your furnace well in advance of the colder weather. Your heating service can perform a thorough inspection of your heater to determine what repairs, if any, are necessary to keep the equipment running smoothly. The technician will look at and replace the air filter and confirm that there are no clogs that might result in a complete system shutdown. Any duct leaks or blockages around the registers or vents can also cause a problem with the flow of warm air. Remove debris (such as dry leaves or birds' nests) from the flue to avoid a potential fire. You should confirm that the 3-foot section around your indoor air handler is free from flammable items like furniture, curtains, or boxes. If your heater requires fuel oil or propane, it's important to fill up your tank prior to firing up your furnace for the season as well.

2) Check your air quality.

With the cold weather comes a greater likelihood that you will seal up windows and doors to keep the frigid temperatures outside. Unfortunately, that also means that the air inside your home will become trapped and unable to circulate as well as it could in the warmer months. You will need to check that there is proper ventilation to handle the increased use of the heating system in your house and maintain the quality of the air that you breathe. Be sure to install a furnace filter to prevent impurities from entering your air, and don't forget to replace the filter as necessary. Failure to keep the air filtration system clean can lead to respiratory problems, exacerbate allergies, and create a whole host of other health conditions. Your heating service will also be able to guide you through the best techniques for improving your air quality throughout the winter.

Don't let the cold months show up without preparing your heating system first. These tips will help ensure that your home is all set for lower temperatures when they arrive.