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Can You Clean the Drains Yourself?

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For most homeowners, unclogging your drain is a source of pride. Using DIY methods and over-the-counter solutions, you should be able to punch a hole in your drain that will allow water to flow freely again.

But normally, this only gives you a temporary solution to an otherwise larger problem. Simply punching a hole through the clog doesn't actually clean the walls of your pipes, which means that your clogs can actually reform over time. To make sure that this is taken care of properly, you should consider having a professional drain cleaning service come to your home and work on your pipes for you. There are numerous advantages to this type of expertise, a few of which are outlined below.

They Can Go Deeper

Surface clogs are pretty easy to spot; normally, you can shine your flashlight and see at least a little bit of where the blockage may be. Unfortunately, if your clogs are beyond the P-trap in your drain, there's no way you'll be able to spot it, much less reach it. Professional drain cleaning services have longer snakes and camera equipment that cannot only go farther down your drain but can even work into the main sewer line as well. Regular sewer cleaning is a fantastic idea to make sure that those pipes aren't clogged as well since the sewer pipe replacement is a monumental task.

They Have Specialized Tools

Grabbing a metal hanger and bending it into the shape of a hook is a great way to clean out a surface clog, but it doesn't really do much to clean your pipes. Service like hydro-jetting, for instance, use a long snake filled with pressurized water to actually blast the walls of your pipes and remove the gunk buildup on the sides. These types of devices are not commonly found in hardware stores and are normally bought for several thousand dollars. This is a staple in most plumber's tool belt and can be used to clean your pipes and make them run efficiently.

They Have Years of Experience

Plumbers have seen it all and have usually fixed at all, too. This comes in handy when they're trying to clear your drain, because knowing what type of pipes you actually have — copper, PVC, or even steel — should dictate what type of approach is used. Moreover, if the clog is not coming undone using traditional methods, they usually have a variety of other techniques to get the job done. If the clog is deep inside your sewer pipe, and traditional sewer cleaning services don't take care of the problem, they may even resort to a trenchless sewer repair service, which allows them to fix the pipe while not having to replace altogether.

For more information on drain cleaning, reach out to a local plumber.