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What Maintenance Does A Boiler Heating System Need?

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If you have recently moved into a home with a boiler heating system, you might be uncertain about the maintenance this system requires. After all, boiler systems are quite different from the forced air systems found in many American homes. They don't have air filters that you need to change or ducts that you need to have vacuumed out. However, there are some basic maintenance tasks you'll want to hire a heating service or boiler heating specialist to take care of.

Vent Clearing

Like forced air heating systems, boiler heating systems do have vents to exhaust the fumes generated when the gas, propane, or oil burns. These vents need to be cleared so that the air can flow out of them properly. Your maintenance professional can check the vents for obstructions, remove any debris that is inside the vents, and also make sure the vents are fitted with caps to prevent other debris from getting inside. 

Leak Detection

As you can imagine, having one of your pipes, radiators, or even your boiler develop a leak can lead to some pretty serious water damage. That is why leak detection is an important part of maintenance for any boiler heating system. Many heating professionals now use infrared imaging to see areas where your pipes may have thin spots or little cracks. They can then repair these cracks or replace the damaged sections of pipes before a significant leak has time to develop.

Valve Lubrication

Another important maintenance task is lubricating all of the valves associated with your boiler heating system. This includes the valves that control the flow of water into the boiler and those that regulate the flow of steam or water into the radiator pipes. With the valves nicely lubricated, you will be able to turn the flow of water off if there is ever an emergency, such as a water leak.

Boiler Flushing

Finally, you should have your boiler flushed every year. In other words, you should have the tank rinsed out to remove any mineral deposits that have accumulated in the bottom of it. These mineral deposits can make your boiler inefficient and prevent it from heating the water fully. The flushing should only take a few minutes, but it is important to have it done by a professional to ensure the tank is refilled to the proper level.

Boiler heating systems require different maintenance than other heating systems, but they still require maintenance. Give your heating contractor a call, and schedule your service soon. Contact a heating service for more information.