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Should You Replace Your Hot Water Heater With A Similar Model?

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An average residential water heater lasts about ten years. As a heater nears the end of its lifespan, a variety of problems can crop up that will impact both its efficiency and effectiveness. In practice, this means that your older water heater may be costing you more money than necessary on utility bills while failing to heat your water to a reasonable temperature. When the time comes for replacement, this can make it especially challenging to decide on a new model. Read More»

Minor Plumbing Issues That Can Turn Into Major Problems During Winter Storms And Ice Cold Temperatures

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You may currently have a minor problem with a slow drain, a pipe that sweats, or extremely cold water that comes out of faucets when temperatures drop. These problems can turn into serious issues during winter weather, which is why these issues need to be addressed to avoid serious plumbing repair emergencies. The following minor plumbing problems are some of the main causes of winter plumbing damage that can cause serious damage to your home: Read More»